How do you convert a raw score to IQ?

A newly-posted test is referred to as a beta-test. After many submissions have been received, a norm can be conducted. The correlation is made by using Pearson's R. The data is placed in a statistical software, PSPP, that calculates the correlation and Pearson's R. If the correlation is negative "-", then the beta-test is not an IQ test. The correlation must be positive "+", and the closer the number is to +1.00, the more valid the IQ Test is.

If I take a beta-test, how long will I have to wait before I know my IQ?

Typically, it takes 1-3 weeks before enough data has been gathered, often 20 or more submissions, before a norm can be made.

Why should I take a beta-test instead of an IQ test that already has an IQ issued?

One good reason would be that it is much cheaper to take the test during the beta-phase. Another reason is that it helps to speed up the process of each beta-test to be labelled as an IQ test.

How accurate are the IQ tests posted on this website?

The IQ tests that are posted on this website issue an estimation of one's IQ. If you want to know your exact IQ, you need to take an IQ test that is administered by a licensed psychologist.

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